Here Cometh The Mountain Goats: The Life of the World to Come

TMG - The Life of the World to Come

All hail the coming of more Darnielle & Co.

So the new album from The Mountain Goats “The Life of the World to Come” will be out on October 6th, 2009.  No, it isn’t the calling of one who has found the Lord, but 12 songs of lessons learned in life.  If you know Darnielle, or should I say listen to Darnielle, you know that his grasp on story telling is legendary and I am currently listening on repeat.  While the album seems to be more of a lament and does not have quite the bite of earlier albums, it does not make his lyrics less on point.  They just don’t come at you like spittle of bullets through jagged teeth (although he does attempt to bring it a bit during Psalms 40:2).  The album is almost a continuation of The Sunset Tree (an all time favourite of mine) – I don’t want to imply if it is, but it simply “feels” like it.

Take a listen to the lead off track “Genesis 3:23” from the album.  Yes, all songs get the biblical title, with only one breaking form but not subject matter (that being “Ezekiel 7 and the Permanent Efficacy Of Grace” – which is fantastic).  While this isn’t the album that I would recommend to introduce you to The Mountain Goats, this is a worthy gem in the crown of indie royalty that adorns TMG.

“Genesis 3:23” – The Mountain Goats – from 2009’s “The Life of the World to Come”

Enjoy a track from 2005’s The Sunset Tree as well, why don’t you?

“Lion’s Teeth” – The Mountain Goats

Enjoy a live performance on BBC of my favourite track from 2006’s “Get Lonely” as well, why don’t you?

“Maybe Sprout Wings (Live on BBC 6)” – The Mountain Goats

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