New Album from OX on the way – Let’s revisit shall we?


So OX has a new album “Burnout” coming out on November 10th (featured that title track over on You Crazy Dreamers HERE) so I thought I would swing by their site and catch up on what was going on until now.

So Burnout looks to be the bands 3rd album with the previous album being a mix of indie, rock, alt-country and 70s radio.  So far the new album is along the lines of these, but maybe bringing a new chapter to these college radio darlings.  Being long gone out of college, I will take that with a grain of salt – but they certainly have the sound that kids might enjoy (don’t get me started on the “weed” references…).   So let’s dig into the past shall we?


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OX – American Lo Fi
(purchase on iTunes)

This album got a decent amount of press and its quite good if I do say so myself – definitely strong indie tracks, a bit drowsy in its delivery and that is the basic formula for me often.  As awkward as it is to say, there is a “vibe” to the album – you get a bit of Lo Fi indie alt country with the vocals of a Sea Change era Beck.  I quite like it with the tracks “Miss Idaho” and “Surrender” being the feature songs of the album at first rotation.  Listen below:

“Miss Idaho”


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Ox – Dust Bowl Revival
(purchase on iTunes)

This album from 2004 could have been released today and easily fit into the current scene of college radio meets hype machine taste-makers.  There are a few ballad-esque tracks with a fair amount of piano on this one, but also a DIY feel with its lo-fi goodness and great use of country twang.  I honestly think this album could have been the one called American Lo Fi, but Dust Bowl Revival gives you the same feel if you know what I mean.

“Stolen Car”


A bit of a “coles notes” of some previous OX…swing on by You Crazy Dreamers for the new track “Burnout” as well – it is fantastic and on repeat over here.  Also check out some tour dates for October/November – consider checking them out if you are able!

7 Oct 2009 20:30
’Whats Cookin’ @ The Sheep Walk London
8 Oct 2009 20:00
The Vic Swindon, South
9 Oct 2009 20:00
Folkhouse Bristol, Southwest
10 Oct 2009 21:00
The Chattery Swansea, Wales
12 Oct 2009 21:00
Le Pub Newport, Wales
13 Oct 2009 20:00
The Wheatsheaf Oxford, South
16 Oct 2009 21:30
Moon & Sixpence Glossop/Manchester, Northeast
18 Oct 2009 20:00
Inspir Cafe Bar Coventry, Midlands
19 Oct 2009 20:00
The Bell Bath, Southwest
22 Oct 2009 21:00
Luminaire London, London and South East
24 Oct 2009 20:00
RMA Tavern Portsmouth/Southsea, South
30 Oct 2009 20:00
Cosmic Daves Vinyl Emporium Sudbury, Ontario
3 Nov 2009 22:00
Divan Orange Montreal, Quebec
5 Nov 2009 23:00
Phog Lounge Windsor, Ontario
11 Nov 2009 21:30
Cameron House Toronto, Ontario

Visit OX on their Website and MySpace by clicking below: