Newly infatuated: One Hundred Dollars – Forest of Tears

Forest of Tears - One Hundred Dollars

Holy shit I am digging this song (Tirade Of A Shitty Mom)!  Wait, I’m digging the whole damn thing.

I recently picked up the album for One Hundred Dollars – another winner from Canada folks – and this song (and below video) are just amazing.  It is all psychedelic, folkish and is stuck in my head.  I noticed the youtube action for it and this video really is this song.  If there is a better video for this song – tell me what it could possibly be.  Sepia tones bleeding through a burnt orange vision all blurred with 60’s infused alt-country-folk.  All along Simone Fornow chants the lament of the shitty mom.  This song definitely gives juxtapose to the full album which tends to be a bit more Americana infused country.  It is just too good.

One Hundred Dollars (I never know if I should type $100, but the long form is the true name I believe) are coming to Calgary as well!  There is an Oct. 31st (yes Halloween show) at the Palamino – if you dare go downtown in the evening on Halloween, you now have purpose. The crew is about to start a Western Canadian Tour which is a little delayed for the past while as they seemed to stay “Eastern” due to various issues.  I don’t want to judge, but it’s about damn time!!  Saying that regardless of being fairly new to the band in general…

Visit them on MySpace to see some dates and stream some more tunes.  I leave you with what I believe was the lead off track (if my fellow Canadian bloggers have anything to say about the situation) which shows the difference (or depth depending on how you look at it) between tracks on the “Forest of Tears” album.  Okay watch the above video, then listen to the track below.  Intrigued aren’t you.

“No Great Leap” – One Hundred Dollars – from 2009’s “Forest of Tears”

Purchase:  iTunes & Sonic Union.