Folk Covers – We all love ’em. The Diamond Family Archive doesn’t disappoint!

Introduced to my world from Common Folk Meadow blog and I thought we all need more live folk covers. The Diamond Family Archive is the “band” and it is essentially singer songwriter Laurence Collyer out of Berlin (there we go with all the good folkies being located in Germany, with Collyer originally being from the UK and spent a lengthy spell in Brighton).   The latest release “The Wanderer” is a covers album of which we have the title track included below.  The album “The Wanderer” is released from Woodland Recordings (where this live recording is from also) for 12 pounds shipping in!  A new album recorded recently is also about to be released but is still available currently at shows if you are in the area.

Although I believe TDFA is more than these covers, take this as an introduction to the world of his sombre acoustic beauty.   The songs below are quiet and alternate landscapes of familiar and not so familiar songs.  Collyer’s take is classic acoustic folk and keeps is down the middle with consistently great sounding tracks that every Slowcoustic fan would enjoy.  The recordings are surprisingly great quality for the most part and you are treated to the banter between tracks and discover that he is quite funny and charismatic.  This particular recording is from Dec. 29th back in 2007 and is a funny and sad bastard soundtrack for today as well as providing a quick glimpse into this talented German.   Enjoy.

The Diamond Family Archive – 29/12/07 Komedia, Brighton, United Kingdom


Here I Go Again

I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling

Islands In The Stream

Brothers In Arms

Down At The Landing

Walk Of Life

The Wanderer

I almost lost my shite when “Here I Go Again” was selected and played.

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