When you don’t know much, you let the music tell the story – Ehroehed


So I don’t know how I got a hold of these songs, but I recently found them again.  They are not even on an album as far as I know and I can’t find too much on this Vancouver artists.  I think I might have discovered Ehroehed a few years back due to a 3hive post on him – at least they got as far as his name being Lonny Potter!  So that is about it, his website doesn’t work, the “label” he references leads to a dead link for his stuff…so you know how it goes.  I have a couple more, but they were starting to get away from themselves, so I kept it at the 4 below.

I think (at least by looking at his MySpace page) he is kind of between genres and is still finding his true sound.  He has a singer songwriter base with a tendency for folk and then has a bit of post punk mixed in.  Just thought I would share.

“Goodwill Come” (Traditional Singer Songwriter)
(a bit of post punk mixed in)
(more country influenced)
“Two Mile Final”
(baseline laden acid-pop folk)


p.s.  stream a couple of more tracks on CBC Radio 3 HERE.