New Fredrik Video “Vinterbarn”

Fredrik have a new album coming out in early 2010 (Trilogi, January 2010) and they have released a great video for the lead off track Vinterbarn (Winter Children).  I love this style of retro, stop motion video (which I think they are very fond of as well by the look of previous videos as well), it is visually stunning without doing anything – it looks good simply watching someone walk down the street.  I think the stop motion gives you the impression of exaggerated movement while at the same time actually having very little movement…if you know what I mean.  I guess that makes for a good video though…not to shabby of a song as well!  ;-)

Fredrik – Vinterbarn from The Kora Records on Vimeo.

Bonus: “Blackfur” – Fredrik, from 2008’s “Na Na Ni” album

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p.s.  You might want to also check out Knox Road blog as Lee over there is a supporter of Fredrik and you can also find the mp3 for the above track here.