Overheard at Knox Road Blog’s HQ: “2009 provided great music……for the ’90s!

Well, well, well.  Here we are at Day 7 of this whole festive season/end of year blogger “best of” and Knox Road have dropped by.

In regards to the below, who says you can’t take an indie icon and call them out onto the mat?  Definitely not Knox Road.  Who can make you think that a legitimate song might actually be an inside joke?  Definitely Knox Road.  I mean, despite shouts from the studio audience and crazy shenanigans ensuing, they just might have a point!  Sometimes we get lost in all these lists and honestly, you need a bit of fresh air in the form something to make you say “hmmmm”.



Best Song of 2009 To Secretly Be…

A 90s Sitcom Theme!


Remember the ’90s?  Hahaha!  Such great times, right?  And nothing represents the decade better than those wonderful sitcom opening themes.   “I’m busy fixing a bicycle. Oh!  Hello camera!  I’ll pose coyly.”  “Frisbee at the beach? Perfect! No worries here.  Computers and shoulder pads!”

Although The Mountain Goats had nothing to do with zany situations involving moral values and a good chuckle at the end of the day, they did write “Genesis 3:23” for this year’s The Life Of The World To Come.  And boy, is it special.  Not only is it a wonderful song, but the intro is secretly a theme to one of those sitcoms.  Shhhh!  Just watch any opening and play the song over top.  You’ll see what we mean.

The Mountain Goats – “Genesis 3:23” [MP3]

You know what?   We’re taking this award back.  “Genesis 3:23” wins the Best Sitcom Theme of 1996.  Congrats!