New discovery of lo-fi acoustic goodness: The Parade Schedule

The Parade Schedule

I love finding new music that I was completely oblivious to.  Who doesn’t?  This time I have found the Louisville “band” The Parade Schedule and it was a very welcome surprise indeed.

The reason I have band in quotes is essentially The Parade Schedule is Matt Kinder with a little help from a rotating list of contributors/friends.  The new album “Seeds to be Planted, Trees to be Cut” was just released this December and it is an acoustic folk record at heart that has a lot of heart…you could say.  Kinder has a timbre of voice that comforts, it is not a new age indie “off key” voice, but actually a pretty straight forward voice that goes hand in hand with his sombre lyrics and even more solemn guitar strumming.  This isn’t your intense finger picking folk style album, it is a drifting and beautifully soothing collection of songs (14 to be exact, more than the average album these days!).

While I originally found it on IODA, I quickly devoured the two tracks below (“Backyard” & “Dye Your Hair”) and immediately hit up eMusic for a copy of the full album.  The two tracks included and aforementioned are both cut from the same cloth and could actually be a part 1 and 2 of the same song at first listen.  When listening to the remainder of the album, you will be immersed in lo-fi acoustic tracks, with echos of a less twang induced Johnny Cash at times.  You might even see a little bit of early Damien Jurado in “Making Away”.  Stand out tracks include “Backyard”, “Eight Long Months”, “Be Safe” and “Dancing” as of the first few spins.

Seeds to Be Planted, Trees to Be CutThe Parade Schedule

Backyard” (mp3)
“Dye Your Hair”
from “Seeds to Be Planted, Trees to Be Cut”
(The Record Machine)

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Bonus: “Old” – The Parade Schedule

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Bonus #2: Live Performance of “Backyard”


p.s.  The above photo of Matt Kinder has a tag of “My serious band photo” on MySpace, love that about this guy too!