William Fitzsimmons is “Covered In Snow”. And I’m leaving it all behind me…the snow that is.

I write this to you as I am getting ready to fly away on a jet plane.   Yes, I am getting out of this weather in true Canadian form, by going to Mexico before going back to work in January.  So friends it will be me and thousands of other pasty Canadians converging on the poor unsuspecting (but tourist hungry) Mexican resorts.  All of us complaining about the heat, sunburns and the fact that we need more beer and hockey in HD.  Well that last part is only 80% true…we don’t all get sunburns.

While I am not totally against the weather this time of year, I actually like the fact that we get seasons (I mean REALLY get seasons) and ultimately I think this time of year needs some sort of snow to truly feel festive, etc.  Although, we always picture this:


We tend to really get this:


Well, I wish you all the best this New Year’s Eve and remember on a night like this, the only place you should get crazy is the dancefloor.

One last thing that actually relates to music is a nice little juxtaposition of what I have kind of been talking about.  A video of the bearded one, William Fitzsimmons playing a bit of a seasonal ditty: “Covered In Snow”.  All while there seems to not be any snow around.  Still a good song from one of the best hushed indie singer songwriters around today.  See you all next year!

Bonus track: “You Can’t Hurt Me” from William Fitzsimmons {Visit Him}