Video Alert – two videos worth watching: ˜ZNINGER & The Quiet Revolution

So back in Canada and fighting/wading through a very full email inbox. I guess it could be worse, I mean who likes getting updates on music? Definitely not a music blogger….er, ah, yeah…it ain’t all that bad. So to ease on in I give you two videos that are definitely worth a watch in Lozninger’s uber slow-core and The Quiet Revolution’s melodic piano pop. Quiet a bit of range between the two, but that is what is so great. Both are tracks I like and they might seem worlds apart to some while still having that lamenting aura that I enjoy soo much.


This track includes (Benjamin) LØZNINGER’S patented hushed delivery alongside a eerie journey through the past, memories, future possibilities or even alternate universe.  He creates atmospheric music that envelope every bit of space around you and in headphones it can be quite epic.  So not only is the video a great watch, the music to image factor is off the charts.  Look for a new album soon, this Canadian in France is a favourite.  Enjoy a bonus track from a few years back as well with one of his most familiar songs to those in the know.

“Sunday (I will play)” – LØZNINGER



The Quiet Revolution is not your typical band.  It is not even really a band at all.  The Quiet Revolution is (in thier words);

“internet project that features talented singer/songwriters singing songs written and composed by Tal More, a 31 year-old Israeli songwriter.”

The video above is for Parallel Me which includes the vocals of fellow Israeli Hadar Green and it is another great lesson in the audio to visual school of video making.  Stop animation that creates the feelings/emotions that the song is conveying.  For me it is the big eyes of the characters and what is a simple story that expresseses ultimate sorrow or loss.  I mean, if you are into that sort of thing.

“Parallel Me (featuring Hadar Green)” – The Quiet Revolution

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