Song of the Day – eagleowl’s “Sleep The Winter”


Just a quick one this Sunday with a band I was reminded of a few weeks back and simply meant to make mention of it, but never did?!?  I first listened (once again) over at Love Shack, Baby as Tart seems to be in bed with all those UK type folks and gets the info and posts up tout suite like a good music blogger should.  Tart put up a taster of the new single with the B-side “Laughter” and once again, I am just a bit slow – but this is how I have chosen to live my life and listen to my music.  ;-)

The band is eagleowl (yes, I believe they are purposefully lowercase…I believe…) and they have a new single out “Sleep the Winter” with the B-side being “Laughter”.  Both are great ethereal ambient folk tracks to join the eagleowl discography.  This discography, however small, is chalk full of gorgeously crafted laments from this Edinburgh troupe.   Their music is described as “post folk” or “alt-folk” but I simply call it stunning.  There are aspects of acoustic and electric in their sound – like a cello backing a gently picked electric guitar – argh, soo good.  Definitely a headphones on a rainy Sunday type sound that brings waves of sombre beauty.  Highly recommended.



Bonus: “Blanket” from their previous EP “For the Thoughts You Never Had”
This track also appeared on Crumby Lovers: A New Weird UK Sampler (see Post HERE)

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