Akron Family perform “Crickets” on They Shoot Music

They Shoot Music is a great impromptu “music-a-la-video” series and a new session with a favourite of Akron Family has surfaced that is really great (mostly because it is essentially just acoustic – they can get away from me at times…).  Gorgeous song.  The track really starts around 45 seconds in or so and is called “Crickets”.  There is also a new unreleased track “Silly Bear” to check out at the They Shoot Music post for the session HERE.  I simply like the acoustic crickets track…mmmm.

Visit They Shoot Music and Akron Family.

And because we all like You Tube rips…..here is the track in mp3 format!

“Crickets (acoustic on THEY SHOOT MUSIC)” – Akron Family – highly recommended.