Calgary Concert Alert (the possibly a bit late edition): Woodpigeon @ Broken City…TONIGHT!


Apologies lad and lassies but little ol’ me forgot to give the heads up for the locals (like they didn’t already know) on Woodpigeon tonight in Cow-town!

They are playing at Broken City – maybe door tickets?? – which can be found, phoned, emailed HERE.  I will unfortunately not be there as I am a lone wolf, er, ah because of prior engagements with a friend (and a large container of “on tap” beer) – but it should be a great show supporting the Die Stadt Muzikanten album (pre-order at Boompa).

Enjoy a couple of tracks from the album below to warm ya up!

Empty-Hall Sing-Along
Morningside (live on CBC Radio 2)

Visit Woodpigeon on their WEBSITE or at BOOMPA: