I enjoy non Slowcoustic music…no, really I do.

CN Tower Mash

So I am driving to work this morning and my 1st gen iPhone is now my “car stereo” and while on some form of random and I start to get a bit of a beat.  I sit there in traffic dumbfounded and wondering what has happened?  Has some DJ hacked my home network and placed music that is over 60bpm into my iTunes library?  Even worse, did somebody say “mash up”?  I immediately decided to beef up my encryption of my wireless network key at home….

Okay, so all jest aside, it was some Justice remix that came on and I didn’t press forward.  I know what you are saying here “…but Sandy, where is the acoustic guitar and an ‘in the gutter’ Texan troubadour?”.  Well friends, those folks are nowhere in sight today – its Monday and I need a pick me up.

The pick me up is from TOR who you may remember from his Sufjan Stevens mix-tape adventure (see my post here).  This time it is only a single track and it is Final Fantasy vs. Q-tip, and I am not afraid to say that it really works and I have been listening to it a lot since receiving it a few weeks back.  All I can say is take a listen and enjoy your Monday!

“The CN Tower can work it out (Final Fantasy f. Q-Tip)” – TOR

Visit TOR on his website here for more samples of his mix mastery – HERE.