Slowcoustic will sleep well now that I am up to date on Saint Bartlett

Saint Bartlett

I don’t know why I didn’t already know, it might not have been fully publicized (other than about 20 blog posts around the net…what, am I under a rock over here?), but I discovered (quite easily by visiting Secretly Canadian) the new Damien Jurado album will be out in May!  Okay, May all of a sudden feels very far away to wait for the new album “Saint Bartlett”.  Unfortunately as numerous sci-fi flicks have advised, time is a constant, so I await with baited breath.

But alas there is one ray of hope to get me through, the lead off promo track “Arkansas”.  A bit loungy (complete with what could be the “wood block” percussion sounds).  Still got that Damien Jurado lyrics and delivery – this is one guy that hits the spot around Slowcoustic HQ every time.  I still have to get his “Slowcoustic Essentials” post up….maybe this will spur me on.

Listen for now:

“Arkansas” – Damien Jurado,
from 2010’s “Saint Bartlett” (Secretly Canadian, May 25th, 2010).


p.s.  Jurado and Richard Swift combined on this one, so you know its going to be good…
p.p.s.  More info here.