Calgary Music Hub? Wait, what?

Dalai Lama - White Hat
you should have seen these two out at Broken City 30 minutes after this was taken…

I have to admit I am not that adventurous and also listen to a bit of a niche style of music.  So this would lend to not getting out as much as one should and connect or even know about the music scene in the city where I live.   Well it took an old school Calgarian returning back to “Cow Town” to bring life into what would be my impression of the Calgary Music Scene.  I admit, I tend to be out of touch….but not as much anymore!

Enter Chris from Culture Bully.  Ya all know it, Culture Bully Music Blog that was based out of Minneapolis for the last 5 years or so.  Pretty much an eternity in music blogger years, but here he is back in Calgary and taking on a task of beginning a collection of Calgary music hubs, artists, labels, blogs, magazines and whatever he can get his hands on.  I say kudos to him and for giving me (and hopefully the rest of you locals in YYCers) a place to check for info on what is happening.  This is a project and collection of web-pages that will essentially be a living document of who, what and where.  Want to know the MySpace page of a local artist…done.

Want to know if they have their own website…done.  Are they on twitter???   Done.  I also know that he is taking input to grow this database, so if you are local and you are “in the know”, why don’t ya help a brother out and give him a holler?  If you already are running a portal to all things Calgary – maybe touch base to share the knowledge or even just to say “hi”.  Hopefully we can grow what we have here in Wildrose Country (ouch…I know it’s cliche, but I had to).

Visit all things Calgary at

Culture Bully

There you have it, something local for a change around here!  So in good faith and theme of this post, find a couple of tracks from Calgary’s own fringe electro-folk maven Chad VanGaalen to busy yourself with.

“City of Electric Light”
“Subterranean City Roots (CBC Radio 3 Session)”
Visit Chad VanGaalen at Flemish Eye