Quick Question. Why aren’t you listening to Moomaw?

Moomaw2 by Jennie Anne

Just a quick mention of someone who caught my ear recently while listening to the OndaDrops Volume 1 compilation that came out about a month or so ago.  The artist is Nathan Moomaw or “Moomaw” as he records under and he has a new album out as of last week and I thought of all of you, my faithful readers.  Moomaw is essentially an acoustic folk pop sounding artist which you can really notice in the “Grab Some Sky”, next we have “Pirate Of This Bottled Ship” which was the song I first heard on the OndaDrops comp – and it a slow chanting sea shanty if I ever heard one.  The last track is “Wait Up” and is almost a fringe electro folk reggae beat of a track.  What?  Yeah, listen to it!  These three songs couldn’t be a better sampler as they ride the gambit of indie and provide a good look at what to expect from the full album!  Check it out below (and you can find a couple more tracks on the Last.fm link below as well).

“Grab Some Sky” (mp3)
“Pirate of This Bottled Ship” (mp3)
“Wait Up” (mp3)
from “Aminalia”
(Gazebo Music)

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