Friday Recommendation (not from SXSW) – Samuel Stiles

So I am a bit tired today due to being at a show last night and realizing that I am getting old(er).  I don’t even know what I would think I would do if I was in Austin this week.  I guess it isn’t out of the question, but for a weekday show that has 4 bands on the bill is it normal for the opening opening opening band to not even hit the stage until 10:30pm?   Hmmmm seemed a bit suspect to me.  Still a good show though.

So I don’t have much for you all today in the form of depth to this post but I wanted to still provide you some musical enjoyment.  Practically a Slowcoustic regular, Samuel Stiles has his Bandcamp page up and running and he has some free downloads for all of ya.  He provides some great lamenting tracks and comes highly recommended.  Check out one of the new ones below.

Enjoy the Fridays y’all.  I will also provide a bonus in an absolute fantastic tribute to Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy from Stiles’ “A Love Tragedy Album”, see below for a stunner!

“Darkness (Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy Tribute)” – Samuel Stiles

Visit Samuel Stiles on Bandcamp or MySpace and find the whole album “A Love Tragedy” for free download on Rock Proper.