Just something I was listening to on the way to work. Graham Lindsey

Graham Lindsey Cover

Just thought I would share as I was listening to the above album on the way to work. The album is spectacular – this is roots banjo folk at its best. Released last year to little fanfare (why, oh why) this album is a mix of full on banjo honky tonk to slow folk(y) balladeer material. And it has grit. Grit that finds itself placed between an 80 year old tough as nails bluesman to a young punk rocker. And it really works. I have said many times that I can get down with a lot of folk themed styles but sometimes full on olde tyme folk or honky tonk country does get a bit lost on me but this album gives me hope that I will eventually be able to understand it all.

Highly recommended for the banjo lovers, fans of someone like “The Gunshy” and even a Scott Biram. Enjoy a couple of tracks below.

We Are All Alone in This TogetherGraham Lindsey
“Tomorrow is Another Night” (mp3)
“Old Roger” (mp3)
from “We Are All Alone in This Together”
(SPACEBAR Recordings)

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p.s. I love the artwork on a few of his album covers (notably this album and his “The Mine EP”).