The Singleman Affair on a Friday…sounds about right


I frickin love the cover for the “Live at Enemy” album from The Singleman Affair.  The music ain’t too bad as well.  Its a little rough and “rock” at times, but a good listen.

I just had to open with the above, not really related to this post other than the actual artist being The Singleman Affair.  For this post, I wanted to focus on the “Racehorse” EP that has just been released and the title track therein.  It is just a great slow burn of a song.  The echo of Dan Schneider’s vocals are haunting and the slow gallop of his trusty guitar make this ripe for my enjoyment.  Slightly lo-fi in it’s overall sound, but I can assume that was on purpose with it being more of a lone man singing tragic things to himself…  The last thing heard, “We don’t need the sunshine anymore” seems like the best way to end this song.

“Racehorse” – The Singleman Affair, from 2010’s “Racehorse” EP

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p.s.  This EP is also supposed to be the “stop gap” to his new album due later this year, so it’s a good news Friday all around!