They Shoot Withered Hand Don’t They?

Withered Hand on They Shoot Music

Just thought these videos from Edinburgh’s own Withered Hand needed to get posted.  While it takes a bit to get each started they show what I always expected them to be.

I don’t know what it is, possible the upbringing from a kid in Canada never seeing the UK and having to rely on pictures, TV and the internet to formulate an idea of a location.  But this is my idea of Edinburgh.  An idea of the location and the feeling it brings in my head at least.  Again, I don’t know Edinburgh, but I feel like it is strong with an undercurrent of talent for some reason.  Maybe due to myself being a staunch supporter of the blog Song, By Toad for both his taste in music and his great reads/rants plus his support for his local scene (he had a big part of TSM filming in Edinburgh also).  I almost feel like I know something about life in Edinburgh, if only a through a distant window with foggy lensed spectacles.

This is all an exercise in rambling on and a way to say, that I think Withered Hand and these videos are exactly what I thought the Edinburgh envisioned in my head would be.  A bit dreary, real people, lots of stone and real wood structures (not faux-finishes like around here) and really great music.  Regardless of what I think other locations and music are, please take the time to watch Withered Hand below or at The Shoot Music.



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p.s.  Just in case here is a mp3 of “Religious Songs” by Withered Hand!