New on the ‘nets this week


I have been neglect in providing links to my brethren around the music blogging world.  There has been quite a bit of good stuff around lately, so you wanna know where to go?  My recommendations are:

  • das klienicum has a nice Frontier Ruckus feature in conjunction with the European tour – a Slowcoustic favourite – check it out HERE.  I believe their new album should be out soon – listen to a favourite demo from a few years back: “Bethlehem (demo)”.
  • It All Started With Carbon Monoxide had a nice write up on the new eagleowl EP and has a track from it – find it HERE.  Listen to an older track that was also used for a New Weird UK Sampler: “Blanket”.
  • Tsururadio gives us notice that there is going to be a mixtape off.  Because its a real word!  You will also get a couple of tracks from Stornoway and The Acorn while you pick sides.  See HERE.
  • Muruch gives us the update on the new Cowboy Junkies project with a couple of tracks!  See the post right HERE.
  • Tart over at Love Shack, Baby posted some words on the pretty darn good new album from Sam Amidon.  Check it HERE.  You also might like the toad session as one of the tracks I am going to borrow right here made it to the new album: “Pretty Fair Damsel (Toad Session)”.
  • Olivier is back to posting at You Crazy Dreamers (as I certainly have been neglecting it!), so take a listen to a track from new find Lindsay Phillips – listen HERE.  Think of his vocals as Antony with a baritone voice (at times) – pretty good imho.
  • I do also have to mention the Daytrotter post from yesterday – a revisit with Horse Feathers – a Slowcoustic favourite – check it HERE.  If I posted one track it will be Mother’s Sick from HF first album from this Daytrotter Session (sooo good).  I tweeted yesterday that this session is one you should upgrade your listening and get the loseless – BUT I can’t find it there yet!!  So if y’all can persuade DT to move this session to the “Record Barn” so I can buy it, I would appreciate it (or if they did, link me up to where!).

Well there is some Saturday morning linkage for ya.   I will leave you with a great video sent over from fellow blogger Adrian at I Pick My Nose blog – I am also posting as I will hopefully hear it tonight at the Tallest Man On Earth w/Nurses show tonight here in Calgary!  The first track from the below video is TMoE covering “Graceland”….Yowzah!  If any locals will be at the show – email or tweet me if you are going to be there!