Lo-Fi Mondays launch the week with Cohen’s Lo-Fi release…literally

If You Come to Me” (mp3)
“Across The Wires” (mp3)
“Forest In The Morning” (mp3)
from “Lo-Fi”
(GypsyPop Records)

Enjoy some literally “lo-fi” tunes from Cohen who is a bit of a singer-songwriter with a penchant for film-making and being an all around creator beautiful things.  The above songs were also recorded on his Macbook and not necessarily meant to be released, but alas they were and you are now enjoying them.  You can find a bit more on Cohen at his (their) MySpace page along with a few videos and possibly find yourself immersed in all things Cohen (or “NewSuperHeroes”…as he might also be called or work with, or…).  You might want to check the Vimeo page link as well for a teaser of his upcoming musical “Sea of Destiny” that looks interesting.

More On This Album


Also enjoy a video from newsuperhero which is Cohen, or part of Cohen or something like that…

Autumn’s Face from newsuperhero on Vimeo.