Frontier Ruckus film Brixton Sessions: Slowcoustic remembers why the Ruckus are amazing

Frontier Ruckus

I have always been a huge fan of the penultimate Michigan band Frontier Ruckus (I don’t know if they are, but not being from “the Mitt”, they gotta be close) and I was just given a bit of a stop gap before the new album is out.  The new album “Deadmalls & Nightfalls”  due out in July and is one of my most anticipated albums of 2010.  So while both tracks have been around for a little bit (Daytrotter session – download them here), it just wets my whistle (yes, I am 83 years old) for the new stuff.  So enjoy two videos taken while they are in Europe for a tour – filmed by Brixton Sessions (see here) and are absolutely great.

Brixton Sessions #009 – Frontier Ruckus ‘Spring Terror’ from Blindeye | Films on Vimeo.


Brixton Sessions #009 – Frontier Ruckus ‘Nerves of the Night Mind” from Blindeye | Films on Vimeo.

Sooo good. Maybe you should visit them on their new fancy website too. Click HERE for their site and bookmark as the pre-ordering is starting soon!