The Guggenheim Grotto release “The Universe is Laughing”

The Universe Is Laughing Cover

The Guggenheim Grotto have been mentioned here on Slowcoustic before and now find themselves releasing a new album (I think yesterday if I am not mistaken) and it once again finds its way into my listening.

GG craft melodies that most would crave to be able to, the harmony between the boys (Kevin May and Mick Lynch) seems to come by honestly and shows in the music.  While I am not the biggest fan in my circle of online friends (Trini, I see you there…) they are very worthy of more than a few spins for the new album – tracks like “Trust Me I’m A Thief” and “Never Before” and even “Map of the Human Heart” bring out pure indie pop goodness.

Please enjoy a video of the tittle track and a simple click for a free download (for an email) of it courtesy of the band.

To get you primed (if the above was not enough) enjoy a couple of tracks from a previous “A Lifetime of Heat” (free) EP download:

Find The Guggenheim Grotto on MySpace or purchase on their Website or Facebook and even Twitter!


p.s.  You can purchase on iTunes too (click here)!