No Slowcoustic Post today, but how about a mixtape battle? Tsururadio vs. Culture Bully – It’s on!

So my blogger mates Aaron at Tsururadio and Chris at Culture Bully are taking it to the mat and battling it out today in a mix tape-off!

What it is basically is a friendly (or is it?) comparison of a collection of music assembled together with a pseudo theme of 80’s vs. 90’s (Tsuru vs. Bully).  So who will win?  Will the crane be victorious or will the bully simply be just that, a bully!  Swing on over and place your vote in the comments on their respective blogs sometime today!

Just in case you were wondering, once again, it is:

Tsururadio brings the 1980’s to life! (click to visit and listen to his mix tape)


Culture Bully reliving the 1990’s! (click to visit and listen to his mix tape)

So head over and listen, download and vote!

To get you pumped up, how about tough as nails METAL!

Emperor Of The Black RunesDomine
“Battle Gods (Of The Universe)” (mp3)
from “Emperor Of The Black Runes”

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Let Battle CommenceDoomSword
“In the Battlefield” (mp3)
from “Let Battle Commence”

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I also can’t wait till this is all up close and personal when Aaron (Tsuru) & wifey visit Calgary next week (to enjoy the Sled Island Festival and visit Slowcoustic/Culture Bully HQ) and then Chris from Culture Bully looks him in the eye to say either……..”In yo face with your weak sauce mix tape” OR “Good job on the mix tape, it was really good and I admit your crushing jabs and knockout jams and you beat me utterly”….