Postdata get new video and vinyl – recommended!

So I am a big fan of the band Postdata (brothers Paul & Micheal Murphy) and think that the self titled album from Hand Drawn Dracula is one of the best of the year for me.  Even with it being released in January of this year…while some albums start great and fade after a few months, not here.  Still a top 10 and looking to remain firmly placed.

Well the album now has been blessed with a clear vinyl release that is available at the Hand Drawn Dracula store (here).  The video is for the track that is considered the “single” off the album called “Tobias Grey” – it is ominous, delicate and a personal favourite.  See why below.

Postdata – Tobias Grey from Hand Drawn Dracula on Vimeo.

Bonus – “Tobias Grey” (mp3)

Now don’t get me started about the show here in Calgary….doors at 8pm, stage at 11:40pm….on a school night!!  Worth it.

Visit Postdata: