The Harmed Brothers – All The Lies You Wanna Hear. If Lies are Songs, then YES, All I Wanna Hear.

*above banner photo by Jon Stinnett

I have been waiting on this post for a while.  I have only had it since early June, but I feel like I have been waiting a long time as I have wanted to tell everyone about this album.  This album came out of nowhere for me, I didn’t know of the brothers harm prior and now I constantly listen to them.  This is a band of traditional Americana if I ever heard one.  I only think of the heartland of the USA when I hear them.   They might be based back in Cottage Grove, Oregon and that is close enough to dusty plains as they need to be.  All The Lies Songs You Wanna Hear, yes.

So I don’t know too much about the boys, but there is a pretty good biography of the band on their MySpace – it tells of the beginning in Oregon, the coming and going of members, the return to Oregon and the rebirth of the band and new album that is banjo, country, ass kicking at times and real down to earth music that works in headphones and on a stage with drink in hand.  Sometimes when you listen to bands you feel like they might be trying too hard or maybe they haven’t fully meshed yet…this is nowhere to be found on this new break out album.

The Harmed Brothers today consist of founding member Donnie Vietti and Alex Salcido and having not heard previous versions of the band, I believe they just might have found something that needs to be heard, heard a lot.  So, as you can see I really like these two “brothers” sound and by the look of many of the photos on their MySpace page, I think that they might be the kinda guys you wanna know as well as listen to!

I don’t have the official release date to purchase, but will update when I confirm – but seriously, seek them out, email them, see them on tour this summer (see below).  Listen to one of my favourite tracks from the album below as a taster and hopefully soon you will have an opportunity to fall in love with the album as well.

“One in the Garden” – The Harmed Brothers, from 2010’s “All The Lies You Wanna Hear”

Love that track!  Other great songs from the album are “One Night”, “Song for Lauren”, When I Get Back (Tailor-Made Blues)”, “Kansas Wind”, “Cryin’ Shame”, “Greetings From Mardi Gras” <—- Also freakin’ good, so you see there are numerous winners on this album.  I really wish I had info to purchase!!

UPDATE: Purchase the album digitally on CD Baby by clicking HERE!

They are also at the Mountain Stomp Music Festival this weekend if you are in the Oregon area – but they will also be in Eugene for their CD Release show on July 8th at the Wandering Goat.  Be there.  More dates below:

The Washington Family Roadshow!


Enjoy one of the best Americana/folk/country bands I have heard in a long while.