Matt Bauer and Dana Falconberry release “Two Songs for Sadie”

You all know we are fans of Matt Bauer delicate finger picking song-crafting on this blog but did you know he has friends too?  Yes, friends that also make great music.  One of these friends is Dana Falconberry and they have a split single coming out on August 24th which will be followed by a European tour.

This long distance collaboration (Matt in Brooklyn and Dana in Austin) was a bit of an experience in itself, but I am sure glad it all worked out as the final product is spectacular.  With Dana’s pixie vocals front and centre with Matt’s accompaniment on “Oh, Matthew” and just the opposite on “Waiting for Your Shadow to Fall”.  Take a listen to the streams below and purchase now for a measly $1.98 on their new Bandcamp page HERE.


Visit Dana Falconberry on her Website or MySpace.
Visit Matt Bauer on his Website or MySpace.

Bonus:  Listen/download Matt Bauer’s “Don’t Let Me Out” courtesy of our friends at La Société Expéditionnaire (visit here)