The Pass unveil new ‘blogger friendly’ video for the new track “Vultures” – watch for yourself and see why!

The Pass are a band that might not normally find too much space on a blog like Slowcoustic – but know we can get our dance on once and a while.  So why not get some groove going on over here.  Yeah, I said it.

Well The Pass are a band with friends.  Friends with the blog We Listen For You (see the blogroll folks).  This leads to a fun and new video for the song “Vultures” that also comes with a bit of a contest to name all the references to music blogs ACTUALLY IN the video!!  When a music blogger is involved with making your band’s video and promoting it, you know you gonna have a shout out (or 30)….

You can find out more on the whole contest and situation over at WLFY by clicking HERE.  Whomever guesses the most (or all) of the music blog references in the video will receive $50 G/C to InSound as well as a copy of the debut album of which you hear in the video.  Make sense?  Let’s hope so – now start watching and submit your best guess to

Bonus:  “Trap of Mirrors” – The Pass, from the upcoming release “Burst”

Visit The Pass on MySpace or even on Bandcamp – pick up a copy of the previous EP at iTunes.
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