Weekend Recommendations & Blog Roundup (Wisco, Sam Quinn, Cold Seeds, Cap Obvious, Wentworth Kersey & Toothpaste!)

above via toothpastefordinner.com

What is it that I am aware of and enjoying the world of music and music blogs?  Glad you asked.

  • Did you download the Sam Quinn session at Daytrotter (HERE)?  If so, congrats you are accepted into the inner circle.  If not, get thee into the circle by downloading!  Current favourite track is the “just a bit too late for the new album” Oceans, so let’s listen: “Oceans”
  • Did you see that compilation to benefit the Wisconsin Humane Society?  You know, the one that took 15 Wisconsin artists and had them record a song each to complete a tribute to Wilco’s “Summerteeth” album?  ummm, you need to check it out (HERE) and consider a donation (HERE).  Thanks to Muzzle of Bees for making it happen!  Current favourite is the Conrad Plymouth track, listen: “Nothing’severgonnastandinmywayagain” (but head over to MoB for the full 320kbps version).
  • Captain Obvious blog is always able to come out of nowhere to give us one of his mixtapes and he does not disappoint.  See the August installment (regardless of posting it on Sept. 1st….hey, it was worth getting every last day out of August for the mix!).  Download it HERE.  Current favourite is the Dylan LeBlanc track.
  • This one isn’t about music, but I think you should follow Drew who creates Toothpaste For Dinner on Twitter (FOLLOW).  He be funny.
  • Did you know that Song, by Toad Records has a great release that combines favourites Animal Magic Tricks, Meursault and King Creosote into one nice little package (currently on VINYL & CD).  Well it exists and they call themselves Cold Seeds!  Listen to a sample: “The Perfume of Mexican Birds”.  Current favourite track is the sleeper “Soil” that has been sending chills since I first heard it.
  • Wentworth Kersey has released their 3rd installment of the “O” series, ((O)).  It is once again more shoegaze Americana (and some of the best you will find).  Listen to a current favourite “Sun And Moon”.  Find out, listen, purchase more at their SITE and (damn slick) LABEL page.  Watch a video of another track below:

Well, that is all I have at the moment.  Hope it gives you all something to fill the long weekend!