Best New Music: Tasseomancy

Healthy Hands 7"Tasseomancy
“Healthy Hands” (mp3)
from “Healthy Hands 7″”
(Hype Lighter)

Originally brought to me via the good folks at Herohill (thx East Coast!) and damn I am glad.  The newly released 7″ from Tasseomancy (formerly Ghost Bees) is a 2-track vinyl release that has both A & B sides currently sitting at best new music in my books.  Both songs are sufficiently mood enhancing, eerie and just plain bad ass.  “Healthy Hands” above features the sisters duo (Romi and Sari) doing their thing with the B side “The Darkness of Things” seeing assistance from “Mr. Timber Timbre” Taylor Kirk himself.  The addition of a solo Kirk on vocals and producing duties of both tracks has kicked it up a little – but as a fan of both bands, how could they do wrong together?

…did I already say this release has a bit of an atmosphere and that it is fantastic?  Highly recommended.  Purchase HERE.

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