New Release: Anthony D’Amato – Down Wires

So this post was supposed to be yesterday before I forgot to bring the album with me to work (where I do most of my posts early in the morning).  I kinda have to be listening to an album when I try to post on it so it’s all happening today!  Anthony D’Amato’s “Down Wires” released…er…yesterday!

Anthony D’Amato is what you would think of when you think of a “singer songwriter”.  Despite whatever comes to mind when you use that term generically, it still has meaning to musicians who actually qualify for it.  I think the term is used too much (similar to “folk”) when you have an acoustic guitar and a solo singer, regardless if they are a good singer or actually wrote the song.  Well, I promise you D’Amato is both a great singer and writes/records/mixes it all with a sense of ease and ridiculous harmony.  When I say “ridiculous” it is not in a bad way, it just seems like he has a knack for creating songs that can catch you immediately – there is no need to listen a few times to see if it grows on you.  While being almost exclusively acoustic, you also don’t get the same-same feeling when going from track to track (listen to the energy of “Never Grow Old”, then the fantastic lament “My Fathers House” and finish with the country rock of “California Girls” to hear for yourself).   I have to say if you have a moment, please swing by to visit Anthony, catch a show (his MySpace has a couple of dates) or pick up a copy of “Down Wires” (or his previous album “Shades of the Prison House” that comes recommended as well).


“Let Me Tell You Something” – from 2010’s “Down Wires”

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