Friday Song of the Day: Dolorean’s “Ghost of David (Damien Jurado Cover)

I recently started “really” listening to Dolorean.  I mean, being a music blogger that enjoys the style of music I do, I have clearly listened to a few tracks from this Portland band previously.  I mean Buffalo Gal is crazy good, but I never considered myself a die hard fan.  Sure I liked them, they play a great tune but I never knew why I didn’t really listen to them.  I am starting to give it the effort and low and behold, it doesn’t take too much effort at all…its pretty damn good.

Well the new album “The Unfazed” is out in January on Partisan Records (see more, stream a little here) and it sounds freakin’ good – again, why am I not listening to more Dolorean??  I have learned my lesson and am now starting to consider myself a “fan”…now listen to a track and come to the same realization.

“Ghost of David (Damien Jurado Cover)” – Dolorean, from the split 7″ via the 2005 tour.
Download the 320kbps version including the Damien Jurado Cover of “Traded For Fire” HERE.

Visit Dolorean: Website, Partisan Records, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter.