New on the Nets Round Up: courtesy of I (Heart) Music, HearYa, Song, By Toad, Songs:Illinois and Saint Loop

So every once and a while I have a week where I find lots of stuff from others and simply need to pass it on.  It’s not really original but it helps putting a post out when I have nothing original to say myself.  nuff said.


  • Craig at Songs:Illinois gave me the heads up on the new Ben Weaver album and indicates that he thinks it is the Ben Weaver album he has been waiting for.  I think I have been waiting for it as well.  Check out the post on Songs:Illinois HERE.  Listen to a track that I grabbed via Large Hearted Boy as well:  “East Jefferson” – from “Mirepoix and Smoke” (visit Ben)
  • HearYa posted an update on the upcoming EP from The White Buffalo and if it is anything like the previous, it will be one to keep an eye our for.  Visit their post HERE.  The video for the excellent Love Song No. 1 is below – go download the track at HearYa!  (visit Jake Smith/The White Buffalo)
  • I (Heart) Music had a post on one of my new favourites, Gianna Lauren.  As I haven’t gotten together my post on her spectacular new album “Some Move Closer, Some Move On”, take a visit and see Matthew’s post HERE. Listen to one of my favourite tracks in the gorgeous “Stowaway”:  (visit Gianna)
    Stowaway by GiannaLauren
  • One of my favourite artists, Anna-Lynne Williams (of Lotte Kestner/Trespassers William) has started her own record label and is working with Sergius Gregory to release his albums as her first priority.  This will be great my friends, if you don’t know or have never heard Sergius you are in for a Slowcoustic treat – Visit the new Facebook group for a sample HERE.  Listen to “Next of Kin” – Sergius Gregory, unreleased? (originally posted here on Slowcoustic, via Rock Torch interview with Anna-Lynne)
  • Lastly, the UK come a calling with the first single to the upcoming Yusuf Azak album on Song, by Toad Records.  You will find a 60’s inspired psych-folk singer songwriter vibe by listening to the song “Eastern Sun” right here: “Eastern Sun” from the Nov. 15th, 2010 release “Turn on the Long Wire”.  (visit Yusuf)

Now go on, and find your own stuff!