Revisiting: She Keeps Bees

On one of my generic cruises through Hype Machine, I saw a post that caught my eye – well not the post exactly, but the name “She Keeps Bees”.  I thought to myself, damn I liked that album.  I then quickly realized that I haven’t listened in a while and that they have a new 7″ available at their Bandcamp page from earlier this summer.  The new release is delicately entitled “SKB-005 7″ Record” and while it is a bit more raw (in a PJ Harvey way) than the “Minisink Hotel” release I immediately thought of (more Cat Power/Sharon Van Etten) – I found myself listening to them again and easily remembered why I liked the album so much.  Take a listen below to a couple of those early tracks:


Wow, they just come off haunting, raw (but not exactly angry) while still being delicate and stunningly beautiful.  This particular album from 2006 is no longer available on CD, but the updated Bandcamp page (here) is where you can download just about all their stuff!  I just think they are a duo that needs a bit more love.  So there.