Oliver Thiessen’s “Collage” continues my faith in local Albertan talent!

Was reminded about Oliver Thiessen (who has graced these pages more than once) via my Facebook feed (thanks Luka)…yes, it’s true Facebook can be used for good…and thought I would share.  And to make sure I was not dissing the rest of the great Albertan talent, I find Oliver one of the uber under appreciated Slowcoustic types of the talent pool here in AB, that’s all…

Oliver Thiessen provides his collection of individual tracks combined to form a “Collage” of 25 tracks available for purchase on his Bandcamp page for a measly $19.00 CDN.  Listen to two of my favourites so far.  Especially love the chorus for “Country Air” as I had not previously heard it…soo good.



If you are ready for uber moody acoustic goodness, Oliver is the Albertan singer songwriter for you. Swing on by his Bandcamp page for more listening.