Revisited: Evening Chorus

Evening Chorus have been on the site before, but in my recent UK/Scottish thing I had going, I also immediately thought about this up and coming Wales unit.  While I am not up to date on the UK/Scotland/Wales/Ireland thing as we (sorry to group anyone with me) aren’t quite as familiar with what seems to be a very distinctly separate musical area of the world.  I don’t really know what that means, but there you have it; I essentially group them all together foolishly out of my ignorance…but the music is top notch!!

So to make what started out to be a rambling post possibly more on topic, Evening Chorus came to mind when I was thinking about the UK folkies and this particular “single” for No Wreath, No Crown.  While the songs have been around prior to this specific release, this version of the two tracks slowed things down and it made all the difference (re: blew me away).  While often folk songs work with having the boisterous sing along, sometimes they really shine when making it a heartbreaking lament (whether it is a “lament” at all).  It is just a nice couple of tracks that show the glimmer of future success for these young musicians.   Can’t wait to see what is next for ’em.


Check out their website for a load of upcoming performances around the Cardiff/Wales area.