Sharron Kraus’ “The Woody Nightshade”

I kinda “missed” this one. Well, I didn’t miss it entirely, I have been listening to it for a couple of weeks, but I missed the release on November 2nd. We don’t need another lazy blogger do we? Hell yeah, we do.

Right, Sharron Kraus. If you are not to familiar with Kraus, the new album “The Woody Nightshade” is probably exactly what you might think an album titled that would sound like. It’s a bit cryptic, a bit spooky and can be something with a life of it’s own. Like some of Kraus’ music, it isn’t “light fair” but for those who will really listen, it can be some of the most beautiful music out there. If you don’t get my drift, I find her music something that can be pegged down, but is hard to describe; it lives and breathes all by itself.  Almost in a traditional folk way or the way that you would describe a UK folk artist vs. say an American one – less Americana/Country influenced but more 60’s singer songwriter elements.  Find a couple of minutes to spend with Sharron today, won’t ya?

The Woody NightshadeSharron Kraus
“Evergreen Sisters” (mp3)
“Rejoice in Love” (mp3)
from “The Woody Nightshade”
(Strange Attractors Audio House)

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