He and Him isn’t just a great band name, it’s just great.

An EP born out of the tour friendship of Douglas Jenkins and David Shultz, He and Him (possible name change in the future…lets just enjoy it for now though) created some great horizon viewing in the form of “cello folk”.

“Cello folk” you say?  Yeah, I said it.  You see Douglas Jenkins’ day job as an artist is currently as part of Portland Cello Project.  Ahhh, makes sense now, doesn’t it.  Well the He & Him project born from a tour that both Douglas and David played on (Thao & the Get Down Stay Down) and it shows great promise if I had to say.  The EP was recorded in Jenkins’ living room during another tour with Portland Cello Project on their day off!  The main reason for this is Jenkins’ lives in Oregon and Shultz in Virginia…not the most convenient for collaboration – but it was enough for this little gem of an EP

While at a mere 3 songs, they created something that I think the “album art” above might translate – think of rolling hills, possibly at dusk with only the natural sounds of twilight around you.  Maybe this is because I feel stringed instruments (and especially the cello) can create sweeping sound-scapes & anchor many types of music; or more something that sets the mood with one pull of the bow across the strings.  These three songs are quiet, hushed and simply a great listen.  The 3 tracks are free at this time from their Bandcamp page (here), so do yourself a favour and go pick it up.





There are possibilities of putting together something more substantial with this project, the location of both might be in the way…but they are working on it.  Let’s hope something works out and more of this music gets a chance to breathe.