Frazey Ford brings “Obadiah” to Calgary, Slowcoustic sends you there!

Frazey Ford of the new defunct Be Good Tanyas has a new album.  And she is bringing it to Calgary!

Canadian songstress is making her way across her home and native land and is stopping in Calgary on November 21st at the new Ironwood Stage.  So if you are into a fusion of folk, bluegrass and even a touch of 70’s country torch song, then you are in for a treat.

This Vancouver raised singer songwriter who’s album is actually her middle name is known for her almost signature voice that cuts through a ballad with it’s slight warble and endears itself to almost anyone who hears it.  She has a timeless voice, but with it sounding contemporary at the same time.  I have to say that this style of vocalist is becoming more pronounced in the music industry these days (or in truth, maybe we are just finally coming to our senses and now finally hearing what has been there all along) and I can’t be happier about it.

Frazey Ford – Blue Streak Mama by nettwerkmusicgroup

So if you want to see the show this Sunday (and you do), simply hit us up at admin(at) and the first folks to email will get on the guest list for complimentary entrance and we will send you a copy of the CD to you as well!  All this is courtesy of the good folks at the Nettwerk Music Group.

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Purchase at iTunes and Amazon.