Edmonton’s F&M launch new album, hear lead off track “Victoria”

The duo from Edmonton known as “F&M” have been around for a few years in this and other incarnations, but they are continuing on full force with their 5th release in the album “Sincerely, F&M” to prove it.

The 12 track album landed at my doorstep a few weeks back, sent from the lovely Becky Anderson.  The band is made up of the real world couple Ryan and Rebecca Anderson, they co-create a blend of folk, pop, rock that often finds a down tempo aspect.  Honestly it sounds like a couple might make this music, as they switch vocal duties often and either join together in a song or find themselves solo for the track, and both work (which can be a hard scenario for some bands).  While they both provide a different angle of F&M; Becky providing a more classical/traditional folk sound and Ryan comes in to gruff it up a bit making a bit of altcountry-folk-rock-pop angle.  The track featured below is “Victoria” and it features Ryan center stage on vocals with flecks of Rebecca overtop in a slowly building balladeer track.  This is a great introduction to the band if you haven’t heard them prior, so dig in.

Sincerely, F&MF&M
“Victoria” (mp3)
from “Sincerely, F&M”
(Shameless Records Canada)

More On This Album


You might remember F&M making an appearance on my label playlist for Edmonton based “Shameless Records” (see here) that also had a solo Rebecca Anderson under the moniker of “Becky”.  So take a listen, you just might think a bit more about one of the city of champions.

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