Slowcoustic Reaches out: Lotte Kestner’s top albums of 2010

Due to time restraints and being on a bit of a vacation at the moment – I have a couple of posts donated from friends, bloggers and musicians to keep this Slowcoustic train moving along.  Today we have a musician who is a personal favourite due to her ability to create some of the best music I have heard (and still has an album in my all time best of list with her “China Mountain” album).  Today Lotte Kestner (Anna-Lynne Williams who is Lotte Kestner and one half of Trespassers William) lists her best albums of 2010 along with her favourite track from each.


1. Damien Jurado – Saint Bartlett

Favourite Track: “Beacon Hill”


2. Kent – En Plats I Solen

Favourite Track: “Varje Gang Du Moter Min Blick”


3. Beach House – Teen Dream

Favourite Track: “10 Mile Stereo”


4. The National – High Violet

Favourite Track: “Conversation 16”


5. Eels – End Times

Favourite Track: “In the Beginning”


6. Sarah Jaffe – Suburban Nature

Favourite Track: “Better Than Nothing”


7. Charlotte Gainsbourg – Irm

Favourite Track: “Time of the Assassins”


8. John Grant – Queen of Denmark

Favourite Track: “Marz”


9. Breathe Owl Breathe – Magic Central

Favourite Track: “Own Stunts”


10. CocoRosie – Grey Oceans

Favourite Track: “Lemonade”


There you have it – a list of favourite albums from Anna-Lynne.  You get the full range here; Singer-Songwriter, electro, Fringe, Indie Rock and all!  Definitely someone who enjoys music for music, if I had to say.  Thanks again to Ms. Williams for her contribution to Slowcoustic – you can see her original post on her personal blog HERE.  Be sure to keep an eye out for her new music label “Saint Loop” as I have a feeling you will want to see where that goes (visit them on Facebook).

*Just in case you need a reminder for Lotte Kestner: “Compasses”, from 2008’s “China Mountain”.  Available on Silber Records here.