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So I’m just sitting there, minding my own business and Raphael Cutrufello (the man at the helm of Hezekiah Jones) sends over a couple of songs from “this upcoming compilation for Philadelphia artists”.  I think “great” because I consider the PA area of the USA one of my favourite areas for musical talent.  Then I took a listen and now I’m looking forward to more!

Philly sings Philly was a series of live shows over the course of 5 weeks where local artists covered each others songs.  My boy Raphael is pretty well known in the folk scene in Philly, so he was in there like a dirty shirt!  So far a stand out track is Hezekiah Jones (with Brad Hinton) covering a Joshua Britton track “Gospels” – great stuff.  Listen below (please ignore how it displays, it is Hezekiah Jones);


So now you know where I am coming from.  So far there are “officially” only the two tracks that I know of, but I am digging in for more that I presume will surface in the new year courtesy of Turtle Studios.  The Ryan Tennis track where he covers Chris Grunwald is fantastic as well – fans of a Damien Rice/David Gray should take note on that one.

I also wanted to leave you with another group of Philly artists fronted by Brad Hinton covering a Hezekiah Jones track – Enjoy, Cannonball (I’ve Got a Little Room).

So keep an ear out and swing by for a purchase of the two tracks from PSP so far – only $0.76 USD for each and proceeds go to the 420 fund.  Visit the Bandcamp page HERE.


p.s.  Don’t miss the Dec. 29th show with Andrew Lipke, Hezekiah Jones and Chris Kasper at Sellersville Theatre – info/tix HERE.