Strand of Oaks Vinyl Kickstarter…get on board now!

Something I am looking forward to is receiving the 12″ limited vinyl of my favourite album of 2010 – Strand of Oaks “Pope Killdragon”.  There is a Kickstarter from Tim Showalter that you (yes, you) are able to contribute to, just CLICK HERE and you can receive one as well (among a crap load of other ‘rewards’).

Okay, to be clear on the current campaign, it is already funded – so it is going to happen.   But come on you don’t want to miss out do you?  It has actually exceeded it’s original goal by over 100% already and who knows where this might lead us!  Tim is a great guy, so you know this success with the Kickstarter campaign will only lead to even more great things – and even more Oaks material!  So join in with the rest of us and go and contribute already!

Also, if you haven’t heard them yet, the Strand of Oaks KEXP tracks are streaming HERE and you can watch the Weekender Video sessions as well as stream the Coach House Sessions HERE.  And if you are really enjoying those live versions, there is also his recent WXPN (The Key) Session with downloads available HERE.  Enjoy a track from the Key Studio Session below, then head over for the rest (including a great track from previous album “Two Kids”!).   Wow, that’s a lot of Oaks for one day…but oddly not enough…

“Sterling (Key Studio Session)” – Strand of Oaks

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