It’s been an illuminating morning…

You see what is going on in the photo above?  Yeah, headlights working on a car.  Well this morning (or rather on the drive home yesterday after work), I noticed that the headlights to my car were not, how do you say…working.

This is a bit concerning as I drive to and from work everyday Monday – Friday and my commute is usually at least 2.5 – 3 hours round-trip and lights can come in useful at times (its winter in Calgary, most of my commute is in the dark!).  So today while I sit at work, I am attempting to get the car in to the local garage by my office to have the lights checked out before I leave work today and take my own life (and everyone else on the road) into my hands.  Wish me luck.

“Old, Dim Light” – The Black Atlantic, from the album Reverence For Fallen Trees (buy)


p.s.  You should still like the song and fall in love with The Black Atlantic.  Just sayin.