Video Saturday: Marble Sounds

Recommended to me last week via Twitter after posting my love for the band Isbells over on The Paper Crane Collective (formerly known as Tsuruadio).  Sure glad I got the recommendation as this other Zealrecords band is just a beautiful sounding as Isbells (and actually has member of Isbells on the album, so it might just make sense).  Marble Sounds is the recording moniker of Pieter Van Dessel alongside band-mates Gianni Marzo (Isbells), Frederik Bastiaensen (ex-General Mindy), Christophe Vandewoude and Johan De Coster (Soon) and they create dreamy, woozy pop gems. Very much recommended.

Enjoy a couple of videos from their debut album “Nice is Good” that is currently available from Zealrecords and iTunes.



Enjoy the soothing music (& images) of Marble Sounds, find more Marble Sounds on their/his Facebook and MySpace pages.  As this was recommended to me, why don’t you do the same and pass it on?