Tim Easton Video Sunday

Still getting immersed in Tim Easton and I thank the good folks at AltCountryTab.ca for the discussion on his new albums that sparked my interest in this Californian singer-songwriter-outlaw-type.  After hearing about the two new albums (one more rock n’ country and one acoustic – guess which one I like more??) I started searching him out and found some great videos.  Take a few minutes to watch/listen to the two promo videos for both Tim and his microphone (??)…never the less, it is quality watching and listening.

Visit his website and get both new albums (signed versions as well) for $25.00! – click here.  Currently I have been enjoying the “Since 1966” side of things (acoustic), but the “Beat the Band” album’s title track is pure Alt-Country ballad perfection.  So essentially you can’t lose.

Well enough rambling, lets get to two videos that I have been enjoying this weekend.



I really like both these videos and Highway 62 Love Song was directed by Doug Beale who also provided the main image above which is the “Since 1966” album cover.  Love that shit.

Well, that is all – go enjoy some Tim Easton this Sunday already.