Hezekiah Jones featured in Shaking Through Vol. 2, Ep. 4. Video and free mp3 for all!

Our own Hezekiah Jones is featured in the “Shaking Through” series today – with an original piece “Borrowed Heart”.

Shaking Through is a chapter of Weathervane Music and they provide curated sessions for both local independent Philadelphia area artists as well as numerous worldwide acts & musicians – and this one is a doozey!  Hezekiah Jones performs the track Borrowed Heart that is not only a great track but it has a bit of a interesting fact – it completely syncs with part of the classic 1935 film “The Bride of Frankenstein”!  Huh?  Yeah, the Bride of Frankenstein.  Before you start thinking of cryptic images and gothic sounds – remember, the movie is essentially a love story and that is where Borrowed Heart comes in.

The song is a classic Raphael Cutrufello performance (the universal center of what is Hezekiah Jones) but we also find featured artists like Kiley Ryan and the regulars like Philip D’Agostino & Brad Hinton to bring more of the ‘Jones'” to the forefront.  Andrew Lipke (who also was a force involved with the recent Hezekiah Jones album) found himself also immersed with the Joneses – this truly is a family affair.  With session producer Brian McTear and Engineer Jon Low there is a cohesiveness to the troupe that is Hezekiah Jones and I know I have talked to Cutrufello about the scenario of his music as the soundtrack to the movie…now it is beginning to become a reality.  This is a phenomenal video insight into the creation of the song and become infused with the creative process behind “Borrowed Heart” – watch below.


Shaking Through: Hezekiah Jones from Weathervane Music on Vimeo.

A bit on this particular project as an overview:

Curated by Bruce Warren of WXPN, Volume 2 Episode 4 features Hezekiah Jones, a collection of Philadelphia-area artists orbiting around the songwriting talents of one Raphael Cutrufello. Raph and company recorded “Borrowed Heart” over the course of a two-day recording session-a timeless and hauntingly beautiful song that syncs exactly with a scene from the 1935 classic, Bride of Frankenstein.

Take a moment to find out more about the project on http://www.shakingthrough.com/