New album alert: “Oasem” by I Am Oak – May 13, 2011

New album from I Am Oak “Oasem” is due out in about 3 weeks or so and it is one of the most beautiful albums I have heard this year.

I have only been listening to I Am Oak for about a year or so since Geert from The Black Atlantic recommended it to me.  When that happens, you listen and I have been listening ever since.  His 2010 album “On Claws” was/is also fantastic with tracks like “On Oxen & “On Trees and Birds and Fire” – but with Oasem, he even extends on the aura oozing out of the sounds of I Am Oak.  If that is even possible.  The new album is slow, ebb and flow type, waning at times…songs like “Distances II” combine synth backing with electric guitar over layered vocals…stunning.

There are multiple double takes on songs – for example there are songs like Distances, Horizon and Island that all have a “II” version which I am often torn as to if they are completely separate or simply reinterpretations of the same thought.  The double takes are usually a larger sound-scape than the original (a song like Island II is immense!) but stand alone on the album quite well.  At this time the track Ocyaan is a favourite with it’s enveloping synth, ominous electric guitar and the constant comforting of Thijs Kuijken’s vocals.  Highly recommended.

Listen to the lead off track ‘Curt’ below followed by the teaser video for the album.


Oasem Promo from Thijs Kuijken on Vimeo.

Swing by I Am Oak’s website, Bandcamp and the Snowstar page for more information on this and previous albums.  Pre-order the album HERE.


p.s.  Bonus track from the Snowstar Compilation from 2009: “Gold And Porcelain